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Book keeping

  • Filling bills (hard copies + digital copies)
  • Daily QB entry of each bank transection
  • Print checks
  • Payment records on QB
  • Invoives creation on QB
  • Reports to controller
  • Reconciliation
  • Accounts payable followup
  • Payroll
  • PayrollSub-contractor & venders paper work
  • Taxes preperation

Accounts receivable

  • Send invoices to proper recipients (customers/insurance)
  • Followup on invoices recipt (confirm recipt)
  • Update leankit daily
  • Review emails daily - alert QM about collection related emails
  • Intent to lien / record lien (controller approvel)
  • Small claims filling (via pros)
  • Report to controller
  • Review of all transections
  • Fraud management
  • Law suits
  • Budgeting
  • Every single purchase informed
  • Insurances & Licenses
  • Research for major purchases
  • Hire and over review book keeper, accountant, CFO, controller

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