Natural Disasters

Commercial Natural Disaster Restoration

After a natural disaster hits it is hard to know what severity of damage will be left behind. Natural disasters can result in devastating outcomes that jeopardize the structure and foundation of your business. Consequently, creating breaks, cracks, and holes. Not taking care of the damage leads to more serious damage. As a result, putting yourself and all other individuals in the property at danger. Calling a DryCare Restoration professional when emergency strikes greatly effects the mitigation and restoration of the damage. As a result decreasing added damage and allowing your business to go back to operating smoothly.

A place of business requires full functionality, attention, and upkeep to operate effectively and efficiently. At DryCare Restoration we understand that natural disasters are random. Although some preparation is available, knowing what damage will occur is rarely foreseen before hand. DryCare Restoration is an expert in the industry of commercial property restoration regardless of the damage. Consequently, allowing you and your business to stand back on your feet in a timely manner.

All businesses are different and the damage varies in severity, cause, and customized requirements. Our supervisors and foremen will deal with your insurance carrier and any other parties involved so the stress is lifted off your shoulders. Damage caused by vandalism or trespassers will be properly dealt with as well. Although each situation and business are unique, and the process of commercial natural disaster restoration might require specific steps to take place in order to properly restore your business based on the severity and build back needs. Certain steps will take place during the restoration process regardless of the specific case in hand.

Restoration Process

1.  Free Inspection
2.  Damage Assessment
3.  Equipment Set-Up and Testing
4.  Clean Up and Packing of Salvageable Personal and Business Content
5.  Removal of Damaged Building Materials
6.  Additional Equipment Set-Up if Necessary
7.  Dry-Out Completion and Clean Up
8.  Build-Back Restoration

Drycare Restoration will take care of all of your commercial natural disaster restoration needs. So leave the stress to us. We will be by your side through every step of the way until your business is properly standing and operating once again. In addition, allowing for proper working conditions.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. DryCare Restoration is available when you need them most. Do not hesitate and give us a call for all your emergency and commercial natural disaster restoration needs.

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