4 Things that Contribute to Mold Remediation Costs

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Prolonged mold exposure can be a serious health problem if you don’t get rid of it. Respiratory problems, itchy eyes, and headaches are just a few mold-related symptoms.

Spotting mold contamination before it grows out of control can save your home, family, and wallet.  It’s best to have a mold remediation professional deal with mold-related issues in your home.

Before we cover the 4 Factors that Contribute to Mold Remediation Costs, let’s first understand what mold remediation actually is.

What Is Mold Remediation?

Mold is another word for “fungi” and is pretty much found everywhere. Particularly in moist and dark places. Mold spores can easily travel into your home through the air. You can bring them in on your shoes and clothes. If your home is humid and moist, mold spores will become fungi.

Most people thnk that mold remediation is getting rid of mold completely and totally. That is, however, biologically impossible – unless you enjoy living in a chemically-laced home.

Mold remediation is a multi-step process that gets “out-of-control” fungi back to natural levels. Remediation also addresses the causes of a mold outbreak so that it does not happen again.  

Steps in the remediation process include:

  • INSPECTION. A thorough inspection is done to search for visible signs of mold. The kind of mold found will help experts choose a method of stopping the mold from spreading any further.
  • CONTAINMENT.  All of the areas where mold is present are sealed off. The mold is contained to help prevent its spread into other areas of the property.
  • AIR FILTRATION. High-efficiency air filters are put into the home’s HVAC unit to clear the entire house of active spores. This will help prevent the spores from remaining and turning into fungi.
  • MOLD CLEAN-UP.  Antifungal and antimicrobial substances are used to clean the existing colonies of mold.
  • SANITIZE. Once the remediation is complete, your house must be sanitized.

4 Things that Contribute to Mold Remediation Costs

Professional mold remediation is the best way to deal with a mold outbreak in your home. The mold will be contained and properly cleaned. Measures will be taken that prevent the mold from re-growing. Hiring a reputable mold remediation service is key to having a healthy home again.

The costs of remediation are not the same for every situation. There are a few aspects that contribute to the costs of removing mold.

1. Size of the House

A house with a lot of square footage will cost more to inspect for mold because it will take more time than a smaller home.

2. Cause of Mold

Mold can be caused by several issues in the home. Heavy flooding or septic tank failures increases the amount of moisture and water damage. The time to inspect and clean in these situations can be costly.

3. Location of Mold

Mold can occur in many places in your home. The costs of mold remediation vary depending on whether invasive work or special cleaning is involved. Mold found under a crawl space or behind drywall requires extra time and labor. A mold inspector will have to remove parts of your property to complete the inspection and remediation.

4. Damage from Mold

The damage caused by the mold also affects remediation costs. A leaky pipe or roof can lead to other problems in your home. Mold is not the only issue caused by water damage. A professional will have to clean all affected areas while removing the mold from your home.

Controlling the Growth of Mold

The best way to control mold is to control the moisture in your home. Reducing indoor humidity is one way to combat the growth of mold. Some tips for controlling mold growth include:

  • Venting bathrooms, dryers, and other moisture-generating sources to the outside
  • Using air conditioners and dehumidifiers
  • Increasing ventilation
  • Using exhaust fans whenever cooking, dishwashing and cleaning
  • Check for leaks around the kitchen sink, refrigerator ice makers, and other sources of water. Repair if necessary.
  • Dry out wet areas within 24 hours to prevent mold growth.

Reasons to Use a Professional Mold Remediation Specialist

It’s better to call in a mold remediation professional for assistance if you notice mold growing. This is especially true if the following factors are present:

  • The mold covers a large area.
  • Mold damages were caused by sewage, flooding, or other contaminated water.
  • There is mold in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.
  • You have moldy wood that cannot be removed and replaced. The moldy area needs to be sanded and encapsulated.
  • If there is hidden mold; when you can smell it but cannot see it. Mold can be in the subfloors, attic, or behind walls.

Protect Your Home

Our certified professionals at DryCare Restoration have years of experience to remove all types of mold from your home. Contact us immediately if you find mold in your home to prevent any further health and property damage.

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