4 Things To Do If Your Home Flooded

Flooded Home Outside

Flooded homes can be caused by weather-related incidents, unusually high tides, and even from a water heater bursting. Whatever the reason for the flood, it can be a costly and time-consuming headache to make right.

What you do immediately after your house gets flooded is going to determine how much cleanup is required. Waiting too long to resolve the problem will lead to more problems later. Things like mold will do a lot of further damage if you let it grow.

In this article, we will go over 4 things to do if your home flooded.

1. Turn Everything Off

The first thing to do if your home flooded, even a little bit, is to turn off the water supply and  electricity. Turning off the water if your flood is coming from within the house (due to a broken water heater or even burst pipes) is going to limit further damage.

Shutting off the electricity is going to prevent injuries or… well, worse. Since water and electricity are good friends, you are risking electrocution if you enter your flooded home with the electricity still on.

A short circuit caused by the water hitting electrical panels can also spark a fire and then you risk losing your house completely.

2. Make Some Calls

The second thing to do if your home flooded is to get the water out of your property as soon as possible depending on how much there is. Do not attempt anything yourself!  Call a professional water damage restoration company BEFORE calling your insurance.

Why? Simply because your insurance is going to send their preferred restoration company out, that is going to assess as little damage as possible, so your insurance has to pay as little as possible.

When you first call a restoration company that has YOUR best interest in mind, they’re going to assess the damage honestly and deal with your insurance directly – so you don’t have to. This is one of our specialties at DryCare Restoration as we are a top vendor for almost all home insurance carriers, and we will make certain to get you the full amount for all repairs.

3. Document Everything

It is very likely that you are overwhelmed at this point and want to be working to fix the situation as soon as possible. So the third thing to do if your home flooded is to take some time while you are cleaning to document the process. Take lots of pictures before and during the cleaning, so you can show your insurance company the extent of the problem. Often, more damage reveals itself during the process.

Also, make sure to take notes of who you call, what time and date the call is made, and what was discussed. All of this information will also be helpful for your claim (and any potential legal action if your insurance decides to hardline you).

4. Watch Out For Mold

Mold can be very dangerous and can also develop quickly. So, the fourth thing to do if your home flooded, is to remove anything wet or damp that can be moved or removed by you. If it’s too heavy, let the restoration pros handle it.

Even a bit of drywall that has been soaked through should be removed so it can be replaced later. Mold can develop behind it and then spread through your walls and into every room in your flooded home.

Luckily, we are fully equipped for mold remediation and prevention, as well. Most of the time, we include mold remediation expenses in water damage claims because it almost always happens. And if it doesn’t, then you get to keep the extra cash.

We won’t tell anyone 😉

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