How To Restore A Late-Night Flood Damage Emergency

Partially Dried Basement

When a late-night flood hits you, you may think it’s too late to reverse the damage. The initial shock may even leave you paralyzed, not knowing what to do or who to call first.

Luckily, our damage restoration experts at DryCare are ALWAYS ready to help. 24/7. 365 days of the year.

This is the story of one of our recent late-night flood damage emergencies…

When Disaster Strikes, DryCare Restores

Recently, we received an urgent late-night call from a commercial property owner requesting our emergency services for water damage restoration.

After speaking with the owner and reassuring them of our prompt response, we immediately knew what we were dealing with…

A completely flooded ground level building with over 6 inches of water.

Fortunately, we are always prepared for the worst and our damage restoration experts are trained to treat emergencies of any proportions 24/7.

Restoring The Damage

Our technicians arrived at the property wearing proper protective gear and followed all COVID-19 safety protocols.

As always, we only used #1 recommended top brand equipment to extract all the water, dry the property and restore the damaged area.

This particular property owner preferred billing directly through their insurance, which is our specialty!

We dealt directly with the insurance provider and were able to secure a fair settlement for our client.

Although this flood damage restoration project started off as an emergency, we took on all the leg work in not only restoring the property, but also provided peace of mind by directly handling and billing all insurance company paperwork.

This is why We Dry, We Care.™
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