Award-Winning Cleaning Service in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County

As a homeowner, sometimes your property requires cleaning that is beyond your capability.

Whether the need arises from an unforeseen natural disaster, a crime, a sewage backup, preparing for a move-out/move-in or maybe you just finally want to de-clutter the house!

DryCare Restoration has been voted the best cleaning service in Los Angeles, Ventura and Orange County for several years now. We have the commercial-class equipment and expertise necessary to bring your residence or business back to that sparkly clean condition. We also have professional storage facilities ready to safely pack and store your belongings while your property is being prepared for re-occupation.

In addition, we also provide any tools and equipment necessary to properly handle any bacterial contamination of your property and belongings, as well as any hazardous materials, enabling you to keep your loved ones and your home safe.

And, should the need arise, our supervisors and foremen will deal with your insurance carrier and any other parties involved with the cleanup efforts directly, giving you peace of mind so you can focus on what’s most important for you.

Packout - House Cleaning Services

“Packout” is a service in which your belongings are transferred from a damaged or contaminated area (or in the way of cleanup and restoration efforts) into storage. Our specialized department provides safe handling during packout, including a detailed inventory system, a safe and secure content storage facility and complete content restoration services.

Our experts are fully trained in professional packing and inventory management. We will pack your salvaged contents only after they have been completed and signed off as inventory. We document everything by photo and create room-specific itemization to ensure correct placement of your belongings when the time to return to your home has come.

Once packing is complete, we will transport your belongings from your home to our safe, secure and climate-controlled facility. Rest assured, your belongings will return to your home in the same, or better, condition than when they were transferred out.

While in storage, our IICRC-certified technicians will clean and deodorize your possessions utilizing state-of-the-art water extractors, dehumidifiers, negative air machines fitted with a carbon filter and ozone generators, restoring your possessions to pre-damage condition.

Once cleaned, your possessions will be packed and shrink-wrapped at our insured warehouse that is under 24-hour video surveillance and monitored by burglar and fire alarms to ensure safety and security.

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Move-in and Move-out Cleaning Services

There are few activities more stressful than moving in, or out.

Dealing with the mess previous tenants have left on the premises (or your own for that matter) is the last thing you want to do, especially as it involves delving into areas that often get overlooked during everyday cleaning sessions and which are hard for non-professionals to treat properly.

It also helps to ensure receiving your security/cleaning deposit back if you are moving out. Having our team of professionals clean your space gives you the time you need to pack, organize, and load up your moving truck – and may well end up saving you money.

Among the action items we address during move-out and move-in cleaning services are:

– disinfecting the bathrooms
– thoroughly cleaning and de-staining the floorboards
– cleaning the interior of the refrigerators
– polishing windows and ledges
– cleaning grouting gaps
– thorough cleaning of both the interior and the exterior of cupboards
– cleaning the baseboards
– and any other nooks and crannies that need cleaning

Hoarding Specialist Cleanup and Packout

Hoarding is a psychological condition that causes people to obsessively collect items, whether needed or not.

Hoarding is different from collecting, however. Collectors may have 1 or 2 things that they collect – model cars, porcelain dolls, rare books, etc. The collector likely keeps their collection clean, organized, and proudly displayed.

A hoarder, however, “collects” common items such as newspapers, plastic bags, old clothing, plastic containers and finds it extremely difficult to part with them – just as visitors find it difficult to navigate their way around their “collection.”

A cleanup service is just one step in the process of helping someone affected by hoarding. It is, however, an essential one, as most compulsive hoarders are simply unable to clean up their homes on their own.

Often, the clean-up task for others, such as the loved ones of the hoarder, is such an overwhelming job that many just leave it alone. A hoarding cleanup can also pose several health threats, from bacteria growth to animal feces and rodent infestation.

As a commercial cleanup service, we provide our professionals (and you) with protection to these health hazards and handle the process thoroughly, professionally and discreetly, sparing loved ones of the hoarder, and the hoarder themselves, considerable heart- and headaches.

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