How do I stop my toilet from overflowing?

The flush valve

First of all, familiarize yourself with the flush valve overflow pipe, as it is the most critical safety feature of your toilet.

  • It is a critical safeguard against water exiting the toilet tank.
  • If your toilet fill valve does not shut off completely at the end of a flush cycle, the overflow pipe is designed to transfer the overflow from the toilet tank to the toilet bowl.
  • Set the height of the overflow pipe at least one inch below the opening of the tank lever (not the tank top), in order to provide the necessary safety margin for the overflow.

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The fill valve

  • Proper adjustment of the height of the fill valve in relation to the overflow pipe will ensure the toilet cannot siphon water from the tank back into the water supply and also defines the water level in the tank and the bowl.
  • The Critical Level Mark (Indicated with the letters CL on the fill valve) of the fill valve should be placed 1 inch above the top of the overflow pipe.
  • When the fill valve height is set correctly it is possible for the top of the valve to be positioned above the rim of the tank.
  • This is normal in most applications and will still allow the tank lid to fit properly on the toilet tank.