Top 5 Signs Your Home Has a Water Problem


Water damage can happen fast, even though most of the time, the problem has been slowly building up for days, weeks or even months. Unfortunately, most homeowners miss the top 5 signs your home has a water problem.

Regular maintenance is key to living comfortably in your home. A well maintained yard and checkups on home appliances are a good start, but it’s also important to regularly monitor your home for potential water damage. Water can be the root cause of a number of types of significant damage.

A variety of problems can cause water damage, especially in older homes, and can show up at any time. If water damage is ignored or goes undetected, it can lead to costly repair bills or, in a worst-case scenario, become a health hazard.

Most water damage can be seen or heard, such as drywall or carpet stains or dripping sounds. However, it is not always easy to find. The following are the top 5 signs your home has a water problem to help you discover water damage and locate its root cause.

1. Water Stains

Discoloration or stains on your walls or floors is an obvious sign your home has a water problem. If you walk barefoot on carpeting and you feel dampness, you likely have water entering your home. Vinyl flooring usually buckles with water exposure and hardwood floors start to warp, expand and/or stain. Drywall might start cracking or flaking and the tape joints might start bubbling. Call a professional water damage restoration company immediately before things get worse.

2. Mold

Mold is ubiquitous, that is, found everywhere. It is impossible to rid a home of mold completely, and any company telling you otherwise is lying. Problems start when you have elevated levels of mold or a toxic variety of spores. Then, you definitely need to have it remediated. If you notice spots on the surfaces within your home, you might have mold and it’s a definite sign your home has a water problem.

Many people think of black or white coloration when they think of mold, but mold can have many different colors. “Mold grows indoors when mold spores land on moist surfaces,” says Zach Hamer, CEO of DryCare Restoration. “Mold has the potential to cause health problems. It is important to immediately contact a mold remediation specialist and fix the underlying water issue.”

3. Noisy Pipes or Leaks

You may not always see water damage, but sometimes you can hear a sign your home has a water problem. It may not be easy to hear a leak in your home because of the sound level from activity happening inside or outside of your home. The best time to listen for leaks may be later in the evening when there is less street/neighborhood noise and when other members of the household are sleeping.

4. Musty Odors

Our CEO, Zach Hamer says, “A water problem in your home can also show up as a damp or musty odor. This type of distinctive scent is usually difficult to miss. The odor is a sign your home has a water problem with a pipe or a leaking home appliance hose.”

5. Foundation Problems

Foundation issues are often the result of poor drainage around your home. The typical recommended standard is 6 inches of fall in 10 feet of distance from your foundation.

Zach Hamer adds, “If you notice cracking or separation in your home exterior walls, it could be from a buildup of moisture. A majority of home foundations are made up of concrete. While this type of material is durable, it is also porous and water can fill those pores. This type of damage often happens gradually.”

A lesser-known sign your home has a water problem is when doors or window frames become misaligned.

If you notice any water problems with your home, do not delay repair or remediation. Contact us immediately at (844) 524-7365 to help you get your home back in shape.

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