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Water damage insurance claim tips

  • Familiarize yourself with your insurance policy – and don’t be afraid to change a policy, or a company, if you realize that your coverage is insufficient. The annual cost of a comprehensive policy is generally far lower than the risk of not having coverage.
  • Remember that whatever the details of your policy might be it will not cover “gradual damage”.
  • Order an inspection as soon as you suspect something might be wrong – if you wait until you are sure (for example, until you notice a mold infestation), then damage will have had time to accumulate, and the inspector and insurance company will be more likely to declare it to be the result of gradual damage- and deny the claim.
  • Any professional, certified inspector YOU select is the right choice for YOU. Any inspector selected by your insurance company is also the right choice – for your insurance company.
  • That said, it is important to ensure that the inspector you order represents a company that has the resources, experience and orientation to deal with the underlying cause of your water damage and preventing the problem from recurring. ‘
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