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When Water Damage Strikes, DryCare Restores

Water damage can strike your house or business at any moment.
Here are the most common causes, and what you can do about it when it happens.

  • Natural water damage can happen due to flooding caused by rainfall, storm surges or other heavy water accumulations in nature.
  • Mechanical water damage is due to leaking or broken pipes inside your house or business. Even a tiny crack in your water pipes can cause massive damage over time, creating toxic mold accumulation and other airborne pathogens that can travel through your air vents.

Needless to say, water damage can happen quickly, as in the case of a pipe bursting and suddenly discharging a ton of water.
Or, it can go unnoticed and happen gradually due to a slow leak escaping for weeks or months before it reveals itself.

Regardless of the cause for your damage, it is essential that the water is interrupted and the property is dried as quickly as possible.
If not interrupted immediately, additional treatment in the shape of mold remediation must also be done.

What To Do When You Find Water Damage in Your House or Business

  1. When you find flooding or water release on your property, the very first thing you need to do is, if at all possible, is to stop the leak by turning the water main switch off.
  2. Next, contact a professional plumber immediately if the main cause seems to be a broken pipe or malfunction. Very often, the plumber will need to call in a water damage restoration company to dry and remove the water from the property and restore it to its original state.
  3. It is absolutely crucial that you do not delay calling professionals! The longer the water lingers, the more damage it’s going to cause.
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    The most important thing to remember is that full restoration is always possible. We’ve been restoring homes and businesses since 2014, so we’ve seen it all and we’ve restored it all. You can have your home/business back to its full glory in less time than you think. That is something we can guarantee for sure!

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